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European Stars and Stripes,December 29, 1993

Stars and Stripes publishes news and information for the U.S. military community, featuring first-hand reporting by professional journalists, most of whom are stationed overseas. It also provides independent news and information via the Web (www.stripes.com) and offers downloads of its full newspaper editions (epaper.stripes.com).

Unique among the many military media sources operated by the Department of Defense, Stars and Stripes operates as a First Amendment media organization, free of outside control and censorship.

Stars and Stripes today continues its tradition of reporting from alongside our military service members. During every conflict, from Korea to Vietnam, the Gulf War, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Iraq, and now in Afghanistan, Stars and Stripes reporters have been witness to their courage and sacrifice. When the war in Iraq began, Stars and Stripes immediately shipped papers into the war zone from Germany. By April 2003, a separate Mideast edition was being printed in Baghdad. Today, three or more Stars and Stripes reporters are embedded downrange at any given time.

Stars and Stripes maintains bureaus to provide first-hand reporting on military news and events in our overseas theaters, as well as a Washington, DC, bureau that covers the Pentagon, Capitol Hill, the White House and Veterans issues. In addition to news and sports, the newspaper contains all the elements of the hometown paper that service members left behind, from “Dear Abby” to coupons, comics and Sudoku.

Current Stars and Stripes content is published online at www.Stripes.com. Numerous special publications are also available in PDF format here in our Special Publications section. Some of the paper’s special supplements are also available for sale online at Stripes Store.

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