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Publication: European Stars and Stripes Monday, February 23, 1953

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   European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - February 23, 1953, Darmstadt, Hesse                                EUROPEAN EDITION Weather Forecast Partly elnndy to cloudy tie Low Conntrifs and northern Fair to partly cloudy elsewhere Uttle in Weather Service THE News of the Forces Ten columns of Armed news and pictures daily on 8 and 9 of the Military News Section of the IS page Stars and Unofficial Publication of the Armed Forces in Europe Volume Number 309 5 cents a month February 1953 Vows Fight For Pact 22 Chancellor Konrad Adenauer left for Rome pledged to fight to the finish in the conference of six West European foreign ministers against French efforts to change the European army Shortly before boarding his special railway the chancellorforeign minister de dared he would give a clear no to the French effort to amend the treaty to create a unified Con tinental army against the threat of Soviet Grim and the 77yearold Adenauer said he would tell the foreign ministers of The Netherlands and Luxembourg that the European army treaty must be ratified in its present I regard the present political situation as serious in view of the Soviet he Adenauer made his comments to a group of He has been ill with the flu and left his Rhineside villa for the first time in pver a week to outline his posi tion at the foreign ministers con Adenauer told the correspondents that the French proposals for changes in the army treaty would eliminate German equality in the projected man He declared that the French are on Page 3 Planes Save 9 In Show Trap 22 Nine five of them were rescued by skiequipped planes yesterday after they had spent 48 hours in their snowbound car on a lonely highway 30 miles south of The rescue was made after one of the men walked six miles to a ru ral postoffice to phone for Ive never been caught in any like this before and I never want said 36yearold Steve Sharkey as he recounted the har rowing experience of the two We had enough gas to run until Friday night at about six oclock by shutting off the engine and then starting it up and letting it warm After that we sat all night in the We didnt have anything to eat from Friday noon until Saturday his wife and their two on Page 3 Reds Slay Berlin Escape Guide President Practices Golf on Wliite House Lawn An enterprising photographer aimed a longrange camera through the fence to get this picture of President Eisenhower during a practice session on the White House John a White House retrieves the Ike is using his United Press Photo Austria Elects New Assembly 22 lying half astride the Iron Curtain of today elected a new par liament expected to be unalterably opposed to the communism which lies on three sides of the It was the third time since the war that tfie nations eligible elec torate of about persons went to the polls to select a 165 man Four hours after the polls the Ministry of Interior had com plete results from three of the nations 25 election Following are the with the 1949 election figures in paren theses Peoples Party votes and seven six Socialists votes and five three Independents votes one two Communists No FourYear Term The new assembly will determine the nature of the government for the next four years and will rep resent all zones occupied by the on Page 2 for Trumans Book NEW 22 sale of former President Harry Trumans memoirs for puts him in the class of other bigmoney writers like President Eisenhower and British Prime Minister Winston Eisenhower disclosed last Oc toibcr during the Presidential cam that he sold the rights to his book Crusade in Europe for Churchill sold the magazine and newspaper rights to his memoirs to Life magazine and the New York Times for a sum substantially in excess of a million ac cording to an authoritative This huge is for four volumes which Churchill has already produced and two volumes yet to The payments are being staggered according to the delivery of the Churchills earnings from the book rights of the memoirs could not be Eisenhowers an ac count of his World War II leader on Page 5 Eisenhower Golfs At Old Club but Now He 9s Stymied By BOB COXSIDINE NEW 22 Members of the exclusive Burn ing Tree Golf near Washing where an old member named Eisenhower has just become active are happy to have him back in the Even though it is hardly like old He must be followed by three Secret Service bulging with shoulder Another agent remains at the allmale Still another checks incoming No cameras are permitted on the and the only reporters al lowed are the few who belong to the The members have reached a tacit agreement that they wont press President Eisenhower in If he wants to dress for he is 1 e f t The plan is to him set the pattern of his future relation ship with his old No Exclusives Eisenhower is very scrupu lous about never giving exclusive The press corps covering him at for was disturbed when he chose two of its members to play in his four some and asked the others not to follow The have nots waited with apprehension through the long then pounced on the lucky reporters in the What did he tell you several One of the reporterplayers scratched for a reflective then He only talked once during the Then he said something to the effect that in golf a five beats a President Eisenhower keeps an Siron handy at the White and has practiced shots in the fast ness of the mansions manicured back Sick PW Shift AskedbyClark 22 Mark Clark has asked the two top Com munist commanders in Korea to co operate in an immediate exchange of seriously sick and wounded prisoners of The UN commander made the request in a letter to North Korean commander Kim Ilsung and Chi nese volunteer commander Peng Teh The letter was handed over to the Reds at a brief liaison officers Previous efforts the UN to arrange an immediate exchange of sick or wounded PWs were met either by refusal or silence on the part of the Com Bed Cross Urged Move Clark told Kim and Peng his liaison officers will be prepared to meet Red officers to make the necessary arrangements for the Clark reminded the Reds that 13 the executive committee of the League of Red Cross Soci eties adopted a resolution in Gen eva calling for an immediate re patriation of sick and wounded of both 17 con tinuing the Air Forces campaign of complete destruction against on Page 4 Fuzzy on His Lad Knows His Trees 22 Johnnie Hamilton was telling her grade school class about George whose birthday was If you had cut down the cherry she asked one little what would you have said Timberrrr came the reply in a booming Trucker Shot Leading Pair To Haven By NATHAX MARGOLIN Staff Correspondent 22 Communist police last night shot to death a truckdriving West Berliner who was guid ing an East German couple in another truck to freedom in the Sector of this divided Police opened fire as the guide tried to crash through the Eastsector border control point at Schillinbruecke and Koepenicker and shot West Berliner Willy through the The truck rammed over the and stopped when it ran into a Communist border police fired on the second truck hitting East German Trude Schwanicke in the Her husband escaped There were two other border shootings last Red police shot at a truck that ran the border into the French A bullet tore open a but the truck Shoot at ExCop The Communists also shot at a former Eastzone who had fled to freedom sometime They saw him leave a British Sec tor restaurant near the border and opened but Schwanicke told West Berlin of ficials he was fleeing Communist charges of economic sabotages in his hometown of 100 miles from Grubenstein sneaked across the border to guide the Schwanickes and their two trucks into West The trucks were loaded with household Grubenstein led the couple to a sector crossing where slowdown barriers were removed by the Reds two days Shortly before mid the two trucks approached the border and when the Communists signaled with flashlights for them to they up The guards opened killing Grubenstein and wounding West Berlin police counted eight bullet holes in the two Western authorities said the slain guide apparently led families across on Page 1 Dutch Still to Avoid Asking for Aid THE 22 Netherlands will not go back on its decision to renounce economic aid as a result of the flood Finance Minister Johan van de Kieft said He also said The Netherlands hoped it still could do without such help next The minister also revealed the flood area reclamation will be mainly financed by to avoid inflationary Whether the Dutch will appeal for reclamation aid from counter part funds is a matter which wiil be reviewed he Using of such funds might create inflationary the minister   
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