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Publication: European Stars and Stripes Thursday, June 24, 1965

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   European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - June 24, 1965, Darmstadt, Hesse                                Kennedy Restrict AArms WASHINGTON AP Robert Kennedy called Wednesday on Presl dent Johnson to give central priority to efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear Kennedy said In a Senate speech thai the United States cannot wall Tor peace in South cast Asia or for the solution ol any other problem lo move against the proliferation of nu clear weapons by at least a dozen nations able to produce them wilhln three The New York Democrat said the Ittfill limited nuclear testban treaty had been hailed as the Related Page 4 first of many actions to secure peace hut we hove not yet tak en the second The world has not moved beyond the limited nuclear test ban to halt the proliforn tion of nuclear tic If we are to leave our children a planet In which to live lo fulfill the brlgh promise of their we mus resume the journey toward Cnnnot Wnif And at the outset of hi we cannot allow the demands of daytoday policy ti obstruct our efforts to solve the problem of nuclear We cannot wait for peace In South east Asia which will nol comi until nuclear weapons havi spread beyond We cannot wait for a goncrc European settlement whic has not existed since W cannot wait until all nation learn to bchavo for bad be havlor armed with nuclca weapons is the danger we mus try to To meet this Kcnne dy proposed That the United Slates In tlalo negotiations with the So vlet Union on a nonprollferauo treaty In which all nations friendly or otherwise woul get a twopower guaruntc against nuclear Explore the possible crci Uon of nuclearfree zones In tl particularly In Lat America and Extend the testban agrc ment to include dctectiblc u derground Freeze and Soviet n clear stockpile at their prese Strengthen and support th International Atomic Encrg Kennedy conceded that f on Pom I THESTl Moscow Is an I he out skirts of ml rid mid inurhln Oust serves us snow In filming of Sec Dully Unofficial publication of In North Alilca and Ihi Mlddlo Ealt 68 IF 21855 A Si IOC Sunday June 1965 AF Planes Again Raid Target North of Hanoi MEET THE Chief of Staff Harold Johnson greets members of a howitzer gun crew of the 2nd 3rd Srd Armd Dlv at Photo by Mllnes Tell Your Problems Johnson By HERB SCOTT Slaft Writer BAD Germany SiS If you have this Is the time lo ask aboul Ihcm while Im Harold Army Chief of told sergeants major in his talk with top 7th Army When youre wondering what they are doing In Washington to help Im they for the ho pointed Meeting here Wednesday morn Ing with Joseph 8th Inf Dlv and his tnff for a acllcal John on movd into the field lo see Forward Area Support Team FAST demonstration by 8th Div Support he was Introduced to he 8th Divs leading enlisted men division James Going by helicopter lo the Defense Funds Voted by House WASHINGTON fUPI The House approved Wednesday a billion defense appropria Including funds to maintain thj Army reserve at current Tho vote was 407 to Chairman Mendel Rivers of the Armed Services Committee charged lhat a Defense Depart ment plan to merge tho reserves Into the National Guard bad damaged reservists The South Carolina Democrat served notice that his committee will continue to block the merg er unless its backers prove it Is essential to national Republicans assailed in de ccilfully low the money bill tor the Navy and Air Force They said It did not Include funds to fight an escalated war In South Viet and prcdicle another tl billion at least would be sought for this purpose before But only one amendment wo proposed to cut the bill by million and that wa The bill was passct and sent to the Senate just as 1 came from the Appropriation Committee last Lackluster debate on the bl on Pane f SI Satchmo Makes Appearance On Moscow TV MOSCOW AP hot flashing smile and bulging eyes of Louis Arm strong doing his gravelvoiced rendition of Mack the Knife appeared on Moscow televi sion The taped TV appearance was believed to bo the first chance most Russians had had to get a look at him In Armstrong also sang Blue berry Hill agulnsl the back ground of a smokefilled night The a Soviet com poser Identified only ns Cher Some people donl like Armstrongs manner o They have only heard him on records and lape re But you should sec his face while he Is charm laumholder range with Russ ohnson observed a mechanize ifanlry squad proficiency test o ic Isl 87lh put on to he 8ths 2nd At Johnson hai unch with the 3rd Armd Dl ergeants nccompanlc by Walter Kcrwi Spearhead Later he went into the flcl with Kcrwin and Jame V Corps to Inspec an Expert Infantrymans Bade est area where the 3rd Armd1 1st commanded by Co cm Page tl One Pilot Bails Is Rescued SAIOON f AP Air orcc planes hammered Vorlh Viet Nams Son La illitnry complex Wednesday or the third lime In six spokesman said they dc Iroyed iiO buildings and In ma cod On South Vlel laniese forces attacked Viet ong guerrillas n Tluia Thion north of Da for he third straight A Army spokesman said 54 Com nmnsls have been killed and 15 raptured so far in the search itul destroy The Vietnamese claimed they milled 50 Hods in another opera ion In llu Binh Sun district of Related Page 1 Quang Ngal about 940 miles northeast of spokesmen said an American enlisted man and two Army officers were wounded South of Son the spokes man a jet pilot had lo tail oul of his burning fighter bomber and parachuted onto Communist but was rescued within two The spokesman said 37 planes staged the raid on the Son La 110 miles westnorth west of Hanoi and 80 miles from Red Chinas The first raid on Son La was last It passed with Uttle notice because of a dramatic op eration in South Viet the bombardment of a suspected Viet Cong staging area ty Strate gic Air Command B52 Jet bomb ers from The second Son La raid was The new attack on Son La was m Pan 4 Russians Snub Peace Mission MOSCOW AP The Soviet government refused Wednesday lo receive a Commonwealth mis sion seeking peace in Viet The refusal followed public statements In Peking and Hanoi that the Chinese and North Viet namese governments would not receive the II was lo be composed of lead ers from Ni and Trinidad and The announcement added that the Soviet government feels the Commonwealth countries should have contacted what it called the victims of They were listed as the North Vielnamcse government and the National Liberation Front ol South Viet which Is tho political arm of the Communist led At Ihc same time the United States was delivering a formal reply accepting the bid of Iho peace mission to visit here In July The ambassadors of the coun tries called Monday on Under Sccetary of Stale George Ball lo request that the heads of government of the countries come here for talks with Presi dent   
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