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Publication: European Stars and Stripes Sunday, May 13, 1973

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   European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 13, 1973, Darmstadt, Hesse                                Brezhnev due in U.S.June 18-26 for summitWASHINGTON (AP) — SovietCommunist party .leader LeonidBrezhnev will hold a summitmeeting with President Nixon inthe United States from June 18 toJune 26, the White House announ-ced Saturday.The statement by presssecretary Ronald L. Ziegler saidthe trip was the result of aninvitation by President Nixon athis summit meeting in Russia justover a year ago.The White House announcementwas followed'by a briefing frompresidential adviser Henry A.Kissinger, who returned Thursdayfrom a four-day meeting withSoviet leaders in Moscow. •'Kissinger indicated that thesummit meeting will see impor-tant developments concerning thesecond phase of the StrategicArms Limitation Talks now underThe STMS and>Sf RIPESVol. 32, No. 26AUTHORIZED UNOFFICIAL PUBLICATION FOR THE U.S. ARMED FORCESSunday, May 13, 1973 D 10c Dally and Sunday IF 21855 AChampagne celebration for EllsbergsDaniel Ellsberg, with wife,Patricia (left),serves champagne in Los Angeles after U.S.District Judge Matt Byrne dismissed allcharges against him and Anthony Russo inthe Pentagon Papers trial. In his decisionByrne cited "unprecedented" violations oftheir rights by the federal government,which included wiretaps and burglarizingthe office of Ellsberg's psychiatrist. — UPISloan tells of big slush fund• From press dispatchesWASHINGTON (UPI) - HughW. Sloan Jr., President Nixon'sformer re-election treasurer, hastestified he gave $600,000 in cam-paign funds to Nixon's personallawyer and a White House aide forunknown purposes, according tocourt records."I can't imagine what anyindividual would be paid thatamount of money personally for,"Sloan said. "I think obviouslythere would be a secondarydistribution of the funds."Sloan made his statements in apretrial deposition for theDemocrats' $6.4 million civildamage suit against the Commit-tee for the Re-election of thePresident, The case has grown outof the June 17 bugging ofDemocratic national headquar-ters in the Watergate complex.The 180-page deposition revealsthat Sloan was questioned closelyby Democratic lawyers about con-tributions and disbursements thathe handled — often cash in hisoffice safe — prior to April 7,1972.Federal law required fulldisclosure of all financial transac-tions after that date.. Sloan was a White House staffassistant before becoming(Continued on Page 28, Col. 4)way in Geneva.There have been extensivediscussions abouf the SALT talks,Kissinger said."We believe when the Presidentand the general secretary meet,the broad direction of subsequentnegotiations can be establishedand. . . accelerated," he added.Kissinger also discussed his-upcoming meeting Thursday inParis with his North Vietnamesecounterpart, Le Due Tho, onattempts to salvage the Viet-namese cease-fire.He said it is hoped that the Nor-th Vietnamese will realize theneed to observe the cease-firefully. However, he refused topredict how the meeting will turnout.The Vietnamese situation wasdiscussed fully in Moscow,Kissinger said. "We made clearour view that all countries have aresponsibility to exerciserestraint," the national security. (Continued on Page 28, Col. 1)Cambodiaposts areoverrunPHNOM PENH (AP) ~ Com-munist-led sappers overran twogovernment outposts a bare 15miles west of Phnom Penh Satur-day, posing a new threat'to theCambodian capital's lifeline to the.sea.The Cambodian command saidtwo battalions of governmenttroops, about 600 men in all, werein close quarter fighting beforethey abandoned the two positions.There was no immediate reporton casualties.The fall of one of the positions,Thamt Pong, a hilltop outpost, leftHighway 4 vulnerable to attack.Highway 4, the only major road-way open in Cambodia, connectsPhnom Penh with the deepwaterseaport of Kompong Som, fromwhich war materials and othersupplies are received.Full crisisPhnom Penh is already facing afuel crisis. Gasoline salqs in thecapital's service stations weresuspended two days ago.Delayed reports told of Com-munist-led forces also inflictingheavy losses on government for-ces Thursday morning less than 10tmiles south of Phnom Penh.The reports said a company ofgovernment troops guarding twobridges on Phnom Penh's outer(Continued on Page 28, Col. 1) >WeatherFair to partly cloudy Sunday. Littlechange Monday. Frankfurt-Heidelberghigh 72, low 38. Temperatures recordedSaturday (CET):4 4am pm61 32 Frankft, c43 London, p48 Madrid, c36 Munich, c4 4am pm79 63 Adana,p70 59 Athens, c54 Avlano, p39 Berlin, c37 Brussels, p39 Copnhgn, r63575748c-clear;r-raln.5975556168 41 Paris, c46 Rome, pcl-'cloudy; p-partly cloudy;2nd Weather Wing  
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