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Publication: European Stars and Stripes Wednesday, December 1, 1976

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   European Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - December 1, 1976, Darmstadt, Hesse                                Little helperThe girl's name is Heidi and theSanta's-helper-style beard is cottoncandy. She's enjoying herself at aparadise for children. If you want toknow more about the place — andsee more pictures from there — turnto pages 2 and 3. —S&S, MiliaThe STAUTHORIZED UNOFFICIAL PUBLICATION FOR THE U.S. ARMED FORCESVol. 35, No. 227 Wednesday, December 1, 1976 * * isc ooiiv ond sundo IF 21855 ACarter urges attackon gas-wasting carsGil more'sexecutionplea OKdSALT LAKE CITY (UPI) - The UtahBoard of Pardons Tuesday granted GaryGilmore's request for immediate execu-tion by firing squad after the condemnedman called death a "proper" sentence forhis killing of a motel clerk last summer.Board Chairman George Latimer, whonoted that no one asked for clemency forthe 35-year-old admitted killer during atwo-hour hearing on his fate, announcedthe 2-1 decision of the board after an hourand 10 minutes of deliberation.The decision cleared the way for FourthDistrict Court Judge J. Robert Bullock ofProvo to set a new execution date. Stateauthorities want Gilmore shot by next(Continued on Page 28, Col. 1)PLAINS, Ga. (AP) — President-electJimmy Carter says the government shouldget tougher about requiring manufactur-ers to produce gasoline-saving automo-biles, because "the price of energy is goingto go up very rapidly."Reporting that one of his first "firesidechats" as president will be an appeal toAmericans to conserve energy, Carter saidMonday that while nuclear-power plantsmust be built as oil becomes scarcer and-more expensive, he wants to place greatestreliance on coal, solar energy and conser-vation of energy to meet the nation'senergy problems."Although I don't like to frighten people,I think the price of energy is going to go upvery rapidly," Carter said.Carter made the remarks in a long inter-view with CBS news anchorman WalterCronkite.Carter said he feels the government hasnot been firm about requiring auto makersto build "more efficient cars." Asked ifthat meant smaller vehicles, he replied,"In most instances, yes."The president-elect said nuclear powerplants are necessary, but he contended thegovernment has wavered in fixing rigidsafety standards. And he argued that thereshould be greater standardization of nucle-ar plants so fewer of them fall into the ex-perimental category.In the nearly two-hour interview, Carteralso said:— "I can't foresee any need for manda-tory wage-price controls." But he said he"has sent word" to steel producers that hehopes they will roll back price hikes be-cause higher steel prices would give for-eign oil producers "a good excuse" forboosting their prices.— Secretary of State Henry Kissinger isa "superb negotiator" who might be en-listed "on an ad hoc basis" to help in nego-tiations in such parts of the world asAfrica, Panama and the Middle East.— He "would like to have PresidentFord help me" and hopes to call on him forassistance "on occasion."— He has made no decision to replaceFBI Director Clarence Kelley. But, "as ageneral principle," he believes the headsof the FBI and the CIA, because of secretassignments involved, should change withthe administration "rather than setting upa continuing hierarchy."— He will make his first Cabinet-levelappointment within a few days, naming At-lanta banker Bert Lance to be director ofthe Office of Management and Budget orpossibly Treasury secretary.— He said a Strategic Arms LimitationTalks agreement with the Soviet Union isbeing held up by differences in Ford's Cab-inet that "should have been resolvedmonths and months ago."— .Carter said Kissinger has told himthat Soviet leaders have never made a flatstatement that turned out to be a lie, whichPre-inauguration violence in Mexico CityGovernment investigators sift throughwreckage left by a bomb in the posh Po-lanco district of Mexico City. The blast-was heard in the nearby Camino RealHotel, where many of the foreign digni-taries were staying for the inaugurationof Mexican President Jos£ Lopez For*tillo on Wednesday. The blast was oneof four nearly simultaneous explosionsoccurring in separate parts of the Mexi-can capital. Police believe the incidentswere related. — AP photoCarter takes as "a very encouragingthing."— The number of candidates for secre-taries of state and defense and for nation-al-security adviser has been narrowed toabout five for each post, with about 10 stillin the running to be Treasury secretary.Carter said. It probably will be two orthree weeks before he announces the firstsubstantial number of Cabinet nominees.— Averell Harriman, who reported(Continued on Page 2X. Col. 2)German copsnab Baadergang figureBONN (UPI) — Police Tuesday arrestedSiegfried Haag, one of the most dangerousmembers of the Baader-Meinhof urbanguerrilla gang, after a 1 '/2-year search, theMinistry of the Interior reported.Police captured the 31-year-old formerdefense counsel of Andreas Baader, the al-leged leader of the gang now on trial inStuttgart, near Butzbach, about 10 milessouth of Giessen, along the Frankfurt-Kassel highway.The Federal Criminal Office in Wiesba-den said it had identified the man throughhis fingerprints.Haag represented Baader at his trial formurder, bombings, arson and similarcharges until his own arrest May 9, 1975,for suspected involvement in a criminal or-ganization and for procuring weapons forit.But the investigating judge released himthe following day because he said althoughHaag was still under suspicion there wasno evidence that he would try and flee jus-tice. One week after his release, hedropped out of sight.The Baden-WUrttemberg Interior Minis-try said Haag had a hand in the Baader-Meinhof attack on the West German em-bassy in Stockholm in the spring of 1975.Two German officials were killed when aself-styled "Commando Holger Meins" dy-namited the embassy building.The state ministry said it had receivedinformation that Haag was in Scandinavia- (Continued on Paye 28, Col. 4)Audio-Photosale dates areDec. 10-24The dates of the USAFE Audio-PhotoClubs' 15th Anniversary Sale are fromDec. 10 to Dec. 24. Stars and Stripes mis-takenly listed them as Dec. 10 to 14 in anadvertising insert.The dates celebrate the 15th anniver-sary of the Bitburg Audio-Photo Club,oldest in the system.  
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