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Publication: European Stars and Stripes Sunday, July 9, 1989

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   European Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 9, 1989, Darmstadt, Hesse                              Dr.Jvisits fansin Frankfurt— Page 25The STARS!and>STRIPESAUTHORIZED UNOFFICIAL PUBLICATION FOR THE US. AHMED FORCESVol. 48. No. 83 Sunday, July 9, 1989Good morninq!D 8693 AWarsaw Pact hails arms planPredicts initial accord on cufs in '90BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — The Soviet Unionand its Warsaw Pact allies Saturday praised PresidentBush's proposal to make deep cuts in troops and con-ventional arms in Europe and said an initial agreementon reductions could be reached as early as next year.However, the two-day Bucharest summit of the Eastbloc's military alliance ended with no new definiteproposals on arms control or visible signs of healing inthe rifts that openly divide the bloc.In remarks at an official dinner Friday, Soviet Presi-dent Mikhail Gorbachev said the annual gathering ofCommunist Party, government and military leadersfrom the East would give a "serious, palpable answerto Western proposals on cuts in conventional armsannounced by Bush on May 29 at a NATO summit inBrussels, Belgium.On behalf of the 16-mcmber Atlantic alliance. Bushcalled for military cutbacks that would fix a ceiling of275,000 troops in Europe for each superpower andmake deep cuts in tanks, combat aircraft and artillery.In a joint declaration, the Warsaw Pact countriessaid the Bush plan converged with their proposals forreducing conventional arms in Europe and that rapidprogress in negotiating cuts was now possible."During the meeting it was noted that the additionalproposals regarding conventional armed forces in Eu-rope made at the recent NATO council summit sessionmet halfway the allied socialist countries' stand," theEastern alliance said.All NATO and Warsaw Pact countries arc takingpart in conventional arms reduction talks in Vienna.Austria, where Bush's plan is to be put on the table inSeptember."The opinion was expressed that the situation of thenegotiations is such that the first understandings maybe achieved already in 1990, provided that a construc-tive approach is made by all," the pact dcclaraiionsaid.The Warsaw Pact has proposed an overall limit of1.35 million troops for each side in Europe.According to NATO, the United States would haveto remove 30,000 troops from Europe to comply withBush's plan, while the Soviets would have to pull outmore than 10 times that, or 325,000.The Warsaw Pact held its closed-door summit inBucharest's glittering former royal palace.Access granted to reporters bore little sign of thegreater openness now encouraged by Gorbachev, butjournalists were allowed to hear dinner remarks Fridayby Gorbachev and his host. Romanian President Nic-olae Ccauscscu, as well as a brief signing of the finaldocuments Saturday.Gorbachev smiled at journalists gathered in themarble-columned hall for the signing ofthc document.Serious business in terrorismSue Proffitt leans back in her airlineseat while a "terrorist" presses a gunto her cheek. Proffitt, a securitytraining officer at London's Heath-row Airport, was taking part in asimulated hijacking on a plane atRebate, England, as part of a sem-inar that trains buslncsspeople Insurvival skills and features actorsplaying the roles of terrorists. Partic-ipants pay about S330 for the pro-gram.Crowe askscaution onSoviet policyBy CHUCK VINCI IWashington bureauWASHINGTON — Soviet leadersmay talk about shifting to a less threaten-ing political and military posture, but thetop U.S. military officer said nothing hesaw during a recent 10-day visit to theSoviet Union convinced him that suchchanges arc being carried out.Adm. William J. Crowe Jr., the chair-man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said hehopes the superpowers arc moving to-ward a new relationship, but "to con-clude that we arc already there would bea serious mistake.""While there arc encouraging signs,they have yet to be translated into reali-ty, Crowe said. "My counsel then andnow is that we move deliberately, warily,when it is in our clear national interest.'Crowe's remarks, in a Friday speech tothe National Press Club, came a dayafter President Bush rejected a new callfrom Soviet President Mikhail Gorba-chev for talks on eliminating short-rangenuclear missiles in Europe, Crowe saidhe believes the United States shouldavoid "dramatic counter-responses" toKremlin initiatives.The admiral, who will retire in Sep-tember after 47 years of service, said hisSee CAUTION on back page3,400 Hueys grounded fo rep/ace parfWASHINGTON (AP) — The Armyhas temporarily grounded more than3,400 UH-I helicopters so a defectivepart installed in some of the chopperscan be replaced, a spokesman said Sat-urday.Lt. Col. John Chapla said that "thegrounding was ordered following confir-mation that a part that does not conformto the Army's manufacturing standardsmay have been installed in some helicop-ters."He said the part, known as a universalcontrol lever, is a component of the sys-tem in UH-1H, UH-1V and UH-ID se-ries helicopters that enables the pilot tocontrol the aircraft."Army analysis indicated that the partshowed hydrogen embrittlemem, a de-fect that leaves the part subject to poten-tial failure," Chapla said. "Failure of thepan could cause loss of control of theaircraft."The spokesman said the U.S. Armyhas about 3.000 UH-I H as well as 400 to500 UH-IV helicopters" speciallyequipped for medical evacuation.(A spokeswoman for the U.S. Army inEurope told The Stars and Stripes thatthe command has grounded its 308 UH-1H pending the inspections.("At this point, it's premature to saywhen all 308 will be in the air again,"Staff Sgl. Elayne Venema said.)UH-IDs have been given to othercountries, and Chapla said the Army wasadvising foreign governments to groundthe choppers. He said he did not haveinformation on how many helicopters ofthat model were involved.Chapla also said that two other Hucyhelicopter models, the UH-1C and UK-IM, were not affected by the groundingorder.  
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