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Publication: Salt Lake Tribune Sunday, February 19, 1933

You are currently viewing page 36 of: Salt Lake Tribune Sunday, February 19, 1933

   Salt Lake Tribune, The (Newspaper) - February 19, 1933, Salt Lake City, Utah                                THE SALT LSKE TRIBUNE SUOTJAY MORNING FEBHTJABY 10 1933 hi Accursed House of Cobuig Tragedy Still Stalks the Lives of Kings and Princes in the Mad LifeStory of Europes Sensational Royal Family Now Facing Tangled mi Court Action s Leopold of the Coburgs Made a Dashing Figure in His Hussar Uniform By n Staff Correspondent BUDAPEST BRILLIANT elegant powerful European royalty the mere mention of their ancient names brings visions of old castles gay pai tles court affairs beautiful women handsome men and great social posi tion This Is especially true of the spectacular Goburgs Many were the stories of their unbridled love affairs their gay life and their reckless squan dering of great wealth And too there were tales of horrible murders as glamorous ns they were tragic Recently the common people had opportunity to peek behind the scenes into the private lives of these choson few and found the story of the Co burgs worthy of theimagination of a master writer of fiction i The European press has been print ing long accounts of the fight over the Coburg millions or rather what is left of them On one hand surrounded by dozens of highpriced lawyers is a slender shy but determined young prince Philip Josiah Ho was chosen from all the Coburgs by a doting uncle an tho one who could best be counted upon to save what is left of the family fortune Arrayed against him is the powerful state of CheckoSlovakia and other Coburg Orleans the Dues de Nemours the Braganzas They nre equally well surrounded with a corps of legal talent The attorneys fees and court costs threaten to eat up whatever can be salvaged from the many millions Philip Josinh ns the only heir to the estates could be expected to have great Hi IifP1 PK i11 A WOMANS FURY This Dramatic Drawing by Alexander Popini Shows the Beautiful Actress Camilla Ryhicka Wreaking Vengeance on Prince Leo pold When He Refused to Make Her Princess Coburg Joseph Kohary powerful possessor of great stores of gold and three hundred thousand of the beat farming acres in Hungary Prince Joseph Kohary had no sons So he arranged for Antonia his daughter to inherit the millions But Emericus Kohary a monk in the mon astery of GaramStBenedek wanted the Kohary millions saved for Koharys He protested long and loudly but Prince Joseph scorned him At last seeing defeat the monk pronounced a terrible curse to fall upon the grand sons and greatgrandsons of Antonia and Ferdinand Whether or not one can grant any power to a curse the tragedies which befell the offspring of this distinguished couple would indicate that a most un kind Providence shaped their destinies Two of these Coburg grandsons al though they achieved high rank found their millions gone in their old age One August financed the wars of Dom Pedro Emperor of Brazil h5a fatherinlaw Dom Pedro lost his throne and couldnt pay back Another exKing Ferdinand of Bulgaria used millions and the help he thought he gotfrom the invisible spirit of Kophte to found the reigning dynasty of Bul garia It took cash in great amounts to run his royal house hold and he dipped into his bulg ing coffers with a willing hand Ferdninand although he had great stores Of political wisdom was ousted from his throne after thirty years of power and was FOREBEAR Old Francis Coburg Who Was an Obscure Prince When His Son Married Millions t m it Prince Philip Josiah Inherited the Last of the Coburg Fortune It U Now Entangled in the Courts coffers of gold But In reality he has only a few ancient castles a claim to rich farming acres held by the Checks and tax bills which would make a mil lionaire shudder And even these are tied up by the litigation The great Coburg fortune was es tablished early in the nineteenth cen tury by the marriage of Ferdinand Co burg to Princes Antonin Kohary Ferdinand was the son of the obscure and poor Prince Francisof Coburg Antunia was the daughter of Prince The Former King Ferdin and of Bulgaria and His Queen Now He Lives in Relative Poverty Ona of the Last of the Coburgs f succeeded by his son Boris In his life of exile supported only by the v paltry pension of a Ger mnn general he finds solace only in communing with the invisible Kophte on dark and starless nights He is a most eccentric old man rid den by hallucinations and manias Ferdinand has nn overpower feur of cats It has harassed him until he feels ho must surround himself with images of the felines to prevent his destruction at the daws of the animal in the flesh Ferdinand has abandoned the an cient Coburgrnahsion in Budapest and it is rapidly crumbling to pieces But the mustyold rooms are crammed with scores of catimages Cats in bronze in china in velvet even in gold It was in the white and silver draw ing room of this mansion where Fer dinand seemed best nbe to commune with Kophte There surrounded by cats their artificial green eyes star ing out at him from every corner he This Drawing Depicts Princess Louise Fleeing From the Castle on Her Bridal Night A Guard Nearly Shot Her for a Burglar would summon one of his beautiful girl cousins and order her to play the grand piano Ferdinand would pace the floor listening to the music ns if in a trance Suddenly he would stop raise his arms toward the ceiling nnd cry out Kophte Kophte 1 Kophte Ferdinand indeed presents a pitiful figure But prob ably the most tragic figure in all the long line of Co burgs was Philip elder brother of August and Ferdi nand Years ago Prince Philip sought and won the hand of Princess Louise daughter of King Leo pold of Belgium when she was an in nocent child of 16 The wedding was a stupendous affair staged in the best manner of King Leopold who was the model for many plays based on the doings of spendthrift monarchs When tho wedding festivities were over and the lights in the windows of the Chateau Royal of Brussels went out one by one tragedy first stalked into Philips life One of the palace guard drowsing at his post saw something moving among the trees in the dark garden He raised his rifle and challenged Here surely was a burglar intent on robbing tho royal newlyweds of their price less wedding gifts The guard nearly pulled the trigger in his surprise when he discovered the intruder was the childbride Princess Louise in her white silk night gown She was fleeing from her silken oridal bed on her wedding niijht A marriage with euch a beginning could hardly be expected to become a success Philip taught his bride to drink She learned her lesson well In the heady Hungarian wines she found a means of forgetting the happiness of her childhood in Brussels She found a further outlet in spend ing money recklessly on clothes jewels hats But line clothes are worthless un 11SI bf Xlai Popinii Graphic Conception of the Beginning of Princess Unfortunate Romance She Was At tracted by the Young Lieu I tenants I ing Skill The Photo at Right of the Tragic Princess Louise Who Lost Her Great Beauty in Lunatic Asylums Was Taken Just Before Her Incarceration ing him to make her Princess Coburg Although deeply in love Leopold would not renounce his fortune to marry be low his rank s The affair soon reached the ears of I old Prince Philip and he flew into a 5 rage which threatened his sanity He ordered Leopold to free himself from the womans clutches After much j bickering Camilla finally agreed to call it quits upon receipt of four million crowns approximately 000 in American Leopold finally raised this enormous sum and set out on his final trip to Camillas apartment He went alone No one ever knew exactly what trans pired It was said that when Leopold stepped into the room Camilla locked the door and hid the key Summoning all her charm and wits she made a last desperate plea that Leopold marry He refused FACE OF FRUSTRATION Ravishingly Beautiful Camilla Rybicka of the Vienna Stage Who Entranced and Then Murdered Prince Leopold Note the Great Determination in Her Eyes and Chin Jess there is someone to admire them Louise found One day while driving in the Vienna city park the young princess saw a dashing lieutenant of the Uhlans riding along the bridle path She carried memories of his smiling face back to the castle with her Then one afternoon the handsome officer was riding a particularly wilful horse Princess Louise ordered her carriage halted while she watched the struggle between animal and man At last witha masterful display of horse manship man won That was the beginning of the fa mous love affair between the daughter of the king of Belgium and Lieutenant Geza Mattasich of the Thirteenth Uhlan regiment Both were badly smitten and the romance bloomed rapidly until there were clandestine meetings in a humble room the lieu tenant rented near the castle But stories of the meetings got out as they always do and reached the ears of Emperor Francis Joseph He called Philip to his court and told him You cannot wear the uniform of a general in my army unless you trtkc satisfaction Helikewise scolded Louise and she although denying everything sensed disgrace and fied to Nice Philip and Mattasich fought with pistols and when neither was wounded continued with heavy cav alry sabres until Mattasich was pinked Philip could not forgive and there fol lowed some of the cruelest incidents in all royal history Using faked medical opinion Philip had Louise interned in a lunatic asylum She spent a wretched ago nizing time in nearly all the asylums of Europe before shewas released seven years Inter Lieut Mattasich was ar rested on a charge of forgery and sen tenced to ten years imprisonment in a fortress He gained his liberty after Ftuuru Ejsiletu tea five years incar ceration Her seven years o f confinement destroyed Prin cess Louises beauty but it couldnt destroy her love for Mattasich When both were free they moved to Paris where they lived until Mattasichs death They could never marry because to do so would have been to forfeit the small allow ance with which Louise supported Met tasich women with whom he consoled himself Before Mattasich entered Louises life she had presented Philip with a son and a daughter In Leopold his son Philip found great comfort during these troubles Leopold despite the scandalous life of his parents and stories of his own wildness was con sidered one of the most desirable bachelors in royalty just before the World War He took part in a continuous round of pleasures One day he visited a charity bazaar He stopped before a counter and purchased a doll from Camilla Rybicka a ravishingly beauti ful daughter of a pensioned civil ser vant That was the beginning of his end He fell madly and completely in love with the beauty Camilla was a smart lady as well as an extremely ambitions one It took weeks for Leopold to convince her she should live in a magnificant apartment he wanted to provide for her After she moved in Leopold spent most of his hours there and there Camilla kept nagging and teas iM KOPHTE KOPHTE I ExKing Ferdinand of Bulgaria Often Communed With His Guiding Spirit Kophte While Listening to Piano Music There Were Many Such Scenes in the Castlo Drawing Room She leaped to her feet and seised a pistol Five shots she fired at the prince He fell at her feet She seized a bottle of acid and with a final ges ture of defiance hurled it into his face Then with the last bullet in the pistol she killed herself Those who investigated when they heard the shots found the door locked but they heard Leopolds groans HelpBreak in the doorI ara dying AM BLIND 1 When they forced entrance they found Leopold rolling in agony One eye had been shot away His face was burned beyond recognition The best surgeons in Vienna made superhuman efforts to save him but died six months later after suffering untold The World War occupied European attention at the time and the tragedy waa soon forgotten by all except oid Philip and his relatives Philip was left without a son and the relatives began to plan on inheriting the mil lions and spending them But Philip was tired of the mad dis sipation of wealth He felt keenly the loss ofpower of his family And BO thecraity old prince selected Philip Josiah his grandnephew as his heir Then the court battles began and Europeans wonder whether the jinx on the Coburg millions will carry through The grandsons and great grandsons cursed by Emericus Kohary have suffered and passed on What does the future hold   
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