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European Stars and Stripes, January 04, 1968

Because much of what Stars and Stripes reports on involves the U.S. military, it is important to note that military terms include many acronyms, as well as conventions for spelling rank and unit designations, that are subject to change over time.

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Here are some guidelines that may help you search with greater success.

*          Try to use no more than two search terms.

*          Try to use search terms that are the most precise, distinctive or unique as possible to narrow down your results.

*          If your search terms do not help you locate what you want, try searching with different combinations of words that have similar meanings as your original search terms.

*          Remember that, unless you are searching for an exact phrase in the Advanced Search mode, search terms can appear in any part of the page, including captions and lists.

*          If you are unsure of the exact spelling of a person's name or a particular place (in Germany, Vietnam, or Korea, for instance), you may want to browse through some papers in those years to see if there may be other references to the name that will help you with the spelling.

*          When searching for individuals, avoid using ranks or abbreviations of rank (e.g., Sgt, Lt., Cmdr.) as these will vary depending on the years being searched.

*          Avoid using numbers as part of your search; numbers can result in a high number of results.

*          When looking at dates in December, please note that Stars and Stripes often combined editions for the Christmas and New Year's holidays. Sometimes there will be an edition for Dec. 23/24 and none for the 25th, other years there might be no Dec. 24 edition but one combined edition for Dec. 25/26. Combinations for Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 also vary.

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